OnlyFans model contract

§ 1 Scope
(1) This framework agreement applies to all contracts between (name, address),
hereinafter referred to as "Management", and those persons who register as Models on (name
of the Management's website). The contract applies as a framework contract for all measures
taken by the Management for the purpose of promoting the OnlyFans account of the Model.
(2) Amendments to this Master Agreement shall only be permissible by concurring
declarations of both parties in text form, whereby an amendment on the part of the
Management shall only be possible by the Management.
§ 2 Subject of the contract
(1) The Management shall take over the marketing of the Model for the duration of the
contract. In doing so, the Management shall endeavor to provide the Model with its customers
for the purpose of selling picture and video recordings on the platform Onlyfans. Success is
not owed in this regard.
(2) The management acts as a representative of the model. By proving and procuring
customers, he is owed a commission, which is charged to the model.
(3) The success on OnlyFans depends on the demand of the respective type of model, so
that no concrete statement can be made. If the model does not receive any customers due to
lack of demand from the management, this is not in the sphere of (name of the management)
and the management is therefore not obligated to any compensation or other performance.
§ 3 Registration
(1) In order to be included in the Management's file and thus be considered for any
promotions, the Model must register once on the website "Website Name" and follow the
Management's CEO on Instagram.
(2) True and correct information must be provided during registration. All mandatory
information must be filled in, the framework agreement must be accepted and the
necessary data protection consents must be given.
(3) Registration is only permitted to natural persons of full age and legal capacity.
Registration may only take place in the exercise of a commercial or self-employed activity.
(4) The registration shall only become effective when confirmed by the Management, in
particular by uploading the Model's data or photos. However, the management is
authorized to refuse or revoke the registration of the model without giving reasons, but in
particular if the model can not be marketed profitably for management and model in the
opinion of the management.
(5) The revocation of the registration by the model is possible at any time, but has no effect on
already ongoing contractual relationships. The revocation must be made in writing.
§ 4 Services of the management and the model
(1) The Management shall provide the Model with a login area free of charge on the publicly
accessible website "OnlyFans", in which a personal sedcard with personal data and photos
can be posted and in which Models can be found by any User via a search function.
(2) The model receives accordingly an online-sedcard for the representation of his own
person. The management takes over the internet publication for the model and advertises
this to potential platforms (photographers, agencies, producers, etc.), whereby the model
can be found regionally to worldwide (depending on the model's wishes) for the most
diverse customers.
(3) Management's performance in detail:
• Creation, revision and maintenance of the model's public presentation and professional
sedcard on the website (OnlyFans);
• Image gallery for your own internet presence;
• 24h online presence of the model profile:
• Advice, promotion and support of the model in everyday business;
(4) The Model agrees to produce and send to the Management every month new extensive
picture and video recordings for the maintenance of her account.
§ 5 Tasks and duties of the management and the model
(1) By accepting these terms and conditions in the context of online registration, the
model explicitly agrees to the publication of his or her data and the images provided by him
or her on the Internet.
(2) The Model undertakes to provide only truthful information in the application and to
enter it in the Sedcard.
(3) By sending pictures to the Management, the Model assures that she/he owns the
unrestricted rights of use to these photos and is entitled to have them published accordingly
on the Sedcard, in particular also on the Internet on the Management's website and other
platforms. Likewise, the model declares with the posting of the pictures that his appearance
still corresponds to the impression conveyed via the submitted documents. Furthermore, the
model ensures that the photographs may also be edited or redesigned and that the
photographer has also waived the right to be named as the author. A fee claim does not arise
for this.
(4) In the event that claims are asserted against Management in connection with images or
information provided by the model due to copyright violations, violations of property rights
or violations of general personal rights or other legal violations, the model shall indemnify
Management against any damages incurred as a result, including the necessary costs of legal
prosecution or defense, unless the model is not at fault for the violation.
§ 6 Model Release/ Consent / Rights of Use
(1) The Model irrevocably grants to Management the unrestricted right and permission to
use photographic images and pictures/videos (in all formats) of the Model and those in which
the Model appears in part or in whole, combined or altered in type or form, in connection with
the Model's own or a fictitious name, to reuse, publish and republish, without restriction as to
place or time or as to alteration or rearrangement or reproduction of the material in color or
otherwise by any media now known or hereafter devised for illustration, artistic, promotional,
trade or any other purpose. This consent includes the right to publish or commercially use the
photographs and / or videos, etc., in particular also customers on Onylfans in the context of
the activities assumed by the model to transfer these rights, including for the purpose of
further transfer by customers.
(2) For the avoidance of doubt, the parties hereby stipulate that the remuneration of the
model shall cover all rights of use to the photographs of the model taken as part of the order,
as well as all related personal or artistic copyrights, insofar as the model was able to dispose
of these. The client is thus authorized to exploit the photographs taken without any
restrictions in terms of space, time or content.
(3) If there are shifts in the relationship between the assigned rights and the actual use and
the client exceeds the granted rights of use in the opinion of the model, the model will notify
the management of this before taking legal action and give the management the opportunity to
settle the matter in the sense of the model.
§ 7 Use of social media content
(1) In order to promote the marketability of the Model, Management reserves the right to
use images and / or videos of social media content of the Model for the Sedcard or other
promotion of the Model. The Model agrees to this and also declares by concluding the
contract that it is legally capable of transferring the corresponding rights of use to the
(2) The Management shall inform the Model promptly about any use of social media
content within the meaning of paragraph (1).
(3) If third-party rights conflict with the use of content from social media, the model shall
first attempt to obtain the rights. If this is not possible, the model shall inform the
management as soon as possible after conclusion of the contract, but no later than upon
notification of use by the management pursuant to paragraph (2), which images and / or
videos are excluded from use by the management. The model is responsible for late or nonnotification of third party rights to images and videos in social media.
§ 8 Protection of minors
Due to the protection of minors, all models registered on the website undertake to strictly
adhere to the image rules of the management. If no separate picture rules are issued, the
model observes that no nudity may be seen on the pictures and the pictures may not contain
any content or poses or other such picture language that is harmful to minors. The
management is entitled to delete such pictures at any time. The model is responsible for
violations of the protection of minors with regard to the pictures according to § 6 (7).
§ 9 Remuneration
(1) The model receives 50 percent of the remaining earnings from his OnlyFans account.
The basis for calculation is the income minus the OnlyFans fees.
(2) The management is entitled to a commission of 50 percent of the income from the
OnlyFans account for the customers successfully referred to the models by the management,
in particular for the marketing and maintenance of the OnlyFans account.
§ 10 Legal status of the model
(1) The Model is not obliged to accept other order offers.
(2) The decision on the execution of orders lies exclusively with the Model and the Model is
therefore not subject to any right of instruction or direction and is free with regard to the
time, manner and place of the execution of the order and is not bound to the work
organization of the Management.
(3) Furthermore, the Model shall be free to organize its work vis-à-vis the Client, but shall
endeavor to fulfill the order in the best possible way within the scope of the specific order.
(4) The model is not entitled to have more than one management. It relies solely on the time
(5) The model is self-employed and the management can have this status confirmed by the
model at any time, in particular by notifying / requesting a tax number or similar - If this
cannot be confirmed by the model, the management will remove the model's sedcard until
further notice.
(6) The Management points out to the Model that any value-added tax shown by the Model in
invoices must always be paid by the Model to the tax office and that the Model must
check for itself whether it is exempt from levying value-added tax on the basis of the small
business regulation of § 19 UStG. The management also points out that, despite its selfemployment, the Model may be subject to compulsory insurance under the statutory
pension insurance scheme pursuant to Section 2 (1) No. 9 of the German Social Security
Code (SGB VI) and, in the event that it is subject to compulsory contributions, it must
itself ensure that the contributions to the statutory pension insurance scheme are paid. The
same applies to the insurance of any professional risks (accident, liability, etc.).
(7) If there are any changes in the status of the Model at any time, be it in relation to
independence or in relation to other points that are important for the proper performance
of the activity on behalf of the Client or for the Management (e.g. prolonged absence), the
Model shall inform the Management thereof without undue delay.
(8) The model has no claim to the placement of regular or specific customers. The order
situation is determined solely by the market situation and the request of customers for
specific models. In this respect, the management does not assume any guarantee that the
model will be provided with regular or any customers at all.
§ 11 Further duties of the model
(1) The Model undertakes to cooperate actively and, in particular, to produce material on
a regular basis.
(2) The Model shall take all reasonable measures necessary for successful marketing. In
particular, it assures Management that it will duly fulfill the commissioned photo and video
materials for OnlyFans.
(3) The Model is obligated to inform the Management immediately about changes in
her/his own appearance (hairstyle, hair color, significant change in weight, etc.) and other life
circumstances that may affect the contractual relationship.
§ 12 Term of contract
(1) This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.
(2) The Model may terminate the contractual relationship at any time without notice with the
consequence of the deactivation of the OnlyFan account, which will then be placed
(3) Management may also terminate the contract at any time without notice and take the
Model's Sedcard offline.
(4) The ordinary termination thus declared shall not affect orders already accepted by the
Management. Orders already booked or not yet completed must be completed by the
model. If this does not happen, the management reserves the right to claim damages.
(5) The right to extraordinary termination remains unaffected for both parties.
(6) Since the management makes expenditures for the marketing and promotion of the model
at the beginning, without the model having earned any income so far, in the case of an
effective termination, the model has no wage claim for the last month for which she was
under contract.
§ 13 Liability
(1) The management does not assume any responsibility for a possible misuse of data or
images, nor for entries, changes or deletions that occur due to third parties gaining
unauthorized access to the (e-mail and online) account of the model, unless the management
is at fault on the basis of gross negligence or intent.
(2) The Model is obliged to keep the access data to the website carefully and to prevent
unauthorized third parties from accessing it.
§ 14 Data protection
By concluding the framework contract, the model agrees to the storage of his data by the
management. The management can use the data for contacting and invoicing the model and, if
necessary, hand over the data to third parties for these purposes. If the framework contract
ends, the data will be deleted after the legally regulated retention periods.
§ 17 Miscellaneous
This agreement is subject to German law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising
from this framework agreement as well as the orders concluded on the basis of this framework
agreement shall be the registered office of the Management. Should individual points or
provisions of this agreement be invalid, the remaining points shall remain unaffected. In place
of the invalid provision, the statutory provision that comes closest to the provision desired by
the parties shall take effect.